Writing On Mondays

Every adventure tale needs a character to complement the main. It’s the best way to highlight the qualities of the other character (mainly the protagonist.)

Don’t mix this up with juxtaposing. We see that more of comparing or contrasting any two things. Today, we’re focusing on the art of foiling.

If you have a main character who is your pride and joy, one you have taken under your wing and have promised to protect at all costs, then you probably want your readers to think the same thing, no? Create a foil. A foil is meant to be a character who completes the main character, if used correctly. The foil could be that of the ‘ideal’ character, one who has great qualities your MC lacks. If this happens, you may want the foil to get kicked out for some reason, or killed off; everyone loves a good tragic death!

Your MC may need a foil to help further or thicken the plot. So, draft one up and see the endless possibilities of plots and subplots you could have! It could even help develop your MC’s character development.

Pick any door that has opened up! We promise it may help make your character even more lovable!


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