The Woman of the Fairy Mounds

Not to be mixed up with the TV show Banshee…but today we’re diving into what a banshee is exactly and where did she come from?


Banshee Ireland

“Female spirit that screams as an omen of death.”

Basic Facts:

  • The name translates to ‘woman of the fairy mounds.’
  • What can she be seen or mistaken as? A beautiful, young woman or a frightening old woman or hag. Either can be very deceiving!
  • She cries at night when someone is about to give in to death. Not kill anyone. She has a ‘sister-like’ figure who lures their victim into their death using their charm so be careful of that one!
  • If you see a comb nearby, don’t pick it up! Banshees use combs to brush their own hair…it’s a sign of their anguish.
  • Banshees were said to only haunt families with the surnames starting with (Ó) or (Mac).

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