We Cracked The Case

We can officially say we cracked the case of the werewolves in London. The ‘American’ Werewolf in London existed and we have all of the information below. 😉

black shuck.jpg

Black Shuck | England

“Ghostly black dog whose direct gaze dooms you to death within a year.”

Basic Facts:

  • This dog could either have red or green eyes. Or a single eye in the middle of its forehead. It’s also been recorded the dog could be headless…but how would it gaze at you and curse you to death…?
  • It can vary in size: from a large dog to the size of a horse.
  • To make matters worse, the black shuck could float on a carpet of mist.
  • You’ll find this demon dog haunting East Anglia, in one of these areas: the coastline, graveyards, side roads, crossroads, bodies of water and dark forests.
  • Don’t worry though, unlike the other creatures on our list, this dog can also be very friendly and a protector to some.

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