The Publishing Code

I love finding new resources for publishing news and trends. It’s such an ever changing industry that it’s very important to have reliable (and usable) resources. Today, I came across a new monthly column on Digital Book World called ‘Audience + Insight’ by Andrew Rhomberg of Jellybooks. I’m very excited about this because I think the information that will come out of this column will be immensely helpful for authors, publishers, and agents. It will be information that we can actually all put to good use.

Jellybooks is a company that has recently created a program that you can embed within an e-book and it tracks how readers actually read. It takes all those numbers that digital publishing spits out at you and helps interpret that data. Publishing has become a huge numbers game, but what does that actually mean and how we can use that data to write better books?


That’s exactly what this new column will explore and I can’t wait to see the results. It’s all about understanding the reader and audience better. This new technology is able to tell us what types of readers are engaging with which types of genres, how big the audience is for specific types of books, and what that audience looks like. I can only imagine that astounding, and maybe even shocking, new information will be found.

There also seems like there will be other great information shared on this column as well, so I hope you continue to check it out with me. We are in the middle of a publishing evolution and we can never have enough information. Write on.