Reread Your Favorite Books!

Some people could not fathom picking up the same book twice, but I have a few reasons why you should!

They give us comfort. 

Reread one of your favorite books to feel the same emotions you felt the first time. There is a reason why it’s your favorite, it felt good to read. 

The movie adaptation is coming out. 

I do this over and over again. I read the book but it is turning into a movie, so I need to brush up on the book to make sure they stick to the roots!

You’re older. 

You read the book as a kid, or for required reading and you want to give it another go. 

You missed it the first time.

You read a book thinking it would open your mind to something new but you didn’t quite get there…but you should read it again to explore new possibilities.

Family/Personal traditions. 

Maybe you have or want to start a tradition where you read the same book every year or so to reflect a special time in your life. 

You know all the facts.

It is great to reread a murder mystery when you already know who did it! Find out all those clues from a different perspective. 

Why do you reread your favorite books? Let us know your must reads!

Let the Christmas Countdown Begin!

Each year Hallmark Channel starts the holiday season with a countdown to Christmas! This year we are proud to announce that the author of The Christmas Club, Barbara Hinske will have her book come to life. The movie will premiere on the Hallmark Channel today at 8pm/7c

Now Also Available On Audio!

This Christmas tale celebrates the generosity of the human spirit and the irresistible pull of love. You can meet the stars, go behind the scenes and watch a preview of the movie on

About the Author

Barbara is the bestselling author of the Rosemont series. You can find out more by visiting Where she gives tips on how to host your own watch party for The Christmas Club.

So get ready tonight! And don’t worry if you miss it, there are plenty of times to catch the show! And don’t forget to post and use #ChristmasClub while watching!

Ending The 2010s On A Better Note

lets do this.gif

Many issues have risen about the casting in Hollywood. From casting directors putting actors and actresses in roles racially not suited for them to the huge age gaps in some of the leading romances. Well, we’ve come here to say, not all book-to-film adaptations have to be horrible.

We always have to remember what goes on behind the scenes (i.e. contracts between agents and production companies). What we do know is a couple of films have released recently where casting was great and changes were obviously made to make the film adaptation to fit the two hour mark and not six hours and thirty-two minutes. We have yet to see Crazy Rich Asians (which has dominated the rom-com category opening weekend) but in the meantime, let’s discuss the other East-meets-West, Netflix production: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han.

Now, you’ll never find an adaptation that will include every detail of the book’s original content. And of course, this novel-based film won’t be excluded from that category. One of the biggest issues in casting that has been obvious for many years (yeah, we aren’t talking just in the last decade, we’re talking since the Golden Age of Hollywood) has been casting the wrong race. Authors, if you’re trying to sell the film rights to your book (as a literary agency, we know how it can be), we know you want the best of the best for your book baby. Don’t forget to bring up your stipulations with your agent. Draw the line with production because if they can’t properly cast YOUR characters, they don’t need your idea on their list of things ‘to-do.’ We know; we want our authors’ work to be best represented by whoever chooses to publish the work.

Shout out to Jenny Han for standing up for her main character being cast as an Asian-American actress and staying true to the main plot of the story. 👍