Meet & Tweet


Since 2006, Twitter has been a functioning website and application used by millions. There are accounts for everything: large businesses and businesses still in the process of starting up, notable figures/celebrities, and average people like you and me!

For everyone involved in publishing, whether you are the writer or work behind the scenes, it looks as though Twitter has become a way to keep these two worlds in touch.

Reaching out to fans is already relatively easy with Facebook or through an author’s website. But if reaching out to publishers, agents, editors, or any other publishing professional is your main objective – LinkedIn or regular e-mail might not be cutting it for you. If you are finding yourself at a standstill, you might want to consider putting Twitter to use.

Over the past 11 years, Twitter has deterred from being a platform to keep your friends updated with your latest pizza choice from Dominoes and more of a place to stay updated with  political views or some feisty celebrity feud. It’s quick, effective, and to the point – which makes it a perfect communication tool to really sell yourself and your work. You only have 140 characters which means you really need to think about what you want to get across and what you want the person at the other end to know. It forces you not to get bogged down in all the gritty details and really think about what sets you and your story apart from other authors and books already out there.

If you choose to give Twitter a twirl, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Follow the people who have helped make your books a reality!
  2. Post memes; everyone enjoys memes.
  3. Use hashtags to broaden your audience and fanbase.