Are you reading on your IPHONE?

Two posts in a row about Apple… I know, but I really wanted to post about a recent article I saw about reading on your Iphone. I read just about everything on my Iphone and these two tips I received from the Cnet article are great! Since this blog is dedicated to writing and reading, and we all carry our phones around with us all day, might as well embrace it and give some tips on how to read better on the pesky little devide.

1) Turn on reader mode in Safari, you should be able to do this just by long pressing the AA which is just to the left of the search bar (if you cannot find it, google it!)

2) Automatically set reader mode for certain websites (like You can do that by tapping the AA move over to user reader automatically and you will be all set.

3) Adjust your brightness settings. You need to play the brightness settings on a regular basis. Apple attempts to do auto brightness for you, but often it is lagging in what you actually need.

Once you have your settings right, go ahead and put down the phone and read a book!

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