More Subscriptions . . . Apple and Audiobooks?!

I love the ‘News’ app on Apple, I subscribe to it and use it as my main news source (the reason why I love it is because of all the magazine options). Naturally, they have a healthy dose of news sources dedicated to Apple. MacRumors reported on January 4, 2022 that Apple might be entering into the Audiobook space! What does that mean? Well, likely that you will just get all your media sources from Apple. What does that mean for Authors? I am not sure yet, but it is another example of a ‘giant’ trying to acquire as much content as possible. I would venture that in order to attract content and talent away from Amazon/ACX/Audible, Apple might offer better terms for authors. Amazon notoriously creates a very competitive landscape for authors and when working with Amazon’s subscription services, authors are often disappointed with the compensation. I am super excited that another big player is entering the space but I am interested to see what the terms look like for the authors. I wonder when and what Apple’s digital book subscription service will look like, will it be anything like Amazon’s? Check out Amazon’s below:

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