Writing to write…

I came across an article in the Guardian that reminded me of two things:

1. Write to write.

2. Not everything written is meant to be published, or needs to be published.

The article by Cathy Rentzenbrink does a great job summing these points up.

You do not need to be a “writer” to write. You don’t need to have some profound experience oe a certain educational or professional background to you. You don’t have to have what you might feel is writing talent- just write. Write as much as possible and you will surprise yourself with just how talented you actually are.

Just because you do write something does not mean it needs to be published by a publishing company or even through self publication, the act of writing is often an exercise and nothing more. This reminder as helped me a set new goal for myself this year- I am going to try to write more- here on this blog and just for myself too. Here is to you writing more and more as well!

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