Hurling Questions

Not only are we a super-cool blog on the internet, talking about the ins-and-outs of publishing and writing, but we’re a literary agency, first and foremost!

Some things you may wonder about us (or agencies in general) may be misguided by other postings on the internet. It’s best to ask the source directly to find out if the match is real! This doesn’t go for us, it goes for anyone you manage to get in touch with!


  1. Ask the individual you’ve made contact with how they got to where they are (in life, not your inbox.) Knowing our background helps give you perspective on our passions and how they may or may not coincide with yours.
    1. A great follow-up is asking how long we’ve been in the biz. Passion and credentials.
  2. Sales are really important in this part of the business. Don’t shy away from asking. We won’t give you the nitty-gritty details but we will tell you bout some of our accomplishments as of late!
  3. Before you query, ask us if we’re looking! And if we are, what are we looking for! Each agency has criteria (and posts it on their website most likely) which must be met. Realistically speaking, “The Great American Novel” is not one of them.
  4. Our expertise is important to note as well. Each agency covers every aspect of publishing, but sometimes – sometimes – you’ll come across an agency that’s REALLY good at something. What is it?
  5. Communication is so important to both agency and client. Get it done as soon as possible: how would you like to touch base with your agency? Establish it! Most situations now involve email, but who knows, we can set up calls, video chats, dinner and a movie (no book adaptations, thank you)…(totally joking!)

The most important thing to remember is every agency is different and the people within differ from the others you may have spoken to. It’s always good to keep an open mind to whoever you come across, inside the publishing world and out!

One thought on “Hurling Questions

  1. gpavants April 9, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Hi HR,

    I have really enjoyed your tips and ideas. Thanks for also sharing about your literary agency. I want to not be forward, but I am updating a sci-fi novel and am in a quandary about whether to self-publish or go traditional.

    I also do have a few questions that might be better in an email. Maybe after my short questions you will feel comfortable sharing it or not?

    Do you all represent Sci-Fi? Even though my character is 12 I am not worried if it’s in the MG or YA genre. Levy represents the age when people’s life-long character traits are developed and how that sets the pattern for our lives. I feel like delving back into our past and remembering what it was like helps us manage our present situations. But I wasn’t sure that a publisher would assume my story was for kids because of the age factor.This angst has had me tinkering with my book for the part few years and put off cleaning up the next one.

    I took some time away to complete a Masters program then I hope to revisit the book in May. I have a few ideas to update a little character depth and a new cover. Then I want to get it out there.

    Do you have any tips or direction that might be helpful for my situation?

    Thank you,


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