Re-Format It

Why is it important to format your book? If you’re new to the industry, maybe it’s time we revisit our publishing journey series we started awhile back.

If you’re sending your manuscript on its journey for representation, double check your submission. The basics?

  • Font
  • Margins
  • Space
  • Align
  • Page numbering
  • Page headers
  • Chapters
  • Italics
  • Single character space

Some extras people tend to forget?

    • Scene breaks: you have to indicate them with something.
    • Make the ending clear: use THE END or the # sign. Make it clear it’s over.
    • Don’t forget your title page with all of your information along with your agent’s information as well.formatting.gif


You can make your manuscript look as crazy as possible for your own pleasure but, for goodness sake, don’t send out your blue background and yellow letters make it into an agent’s lap.

One thought on “Re-Format It

  1. Riverside Peace July 20, 2018 / 6:45 pm

    I’ve just finished the final proof read of a manuscript of mine that is currently been prepared for reprint. Yes, even a reprint needs to be checked when reformatting a book. So many changes can occur just by changing the publisher, printer, typeset and updated programs. I was surprised how well the text finally flowed on the pages. The improvement in the manuscript with the chapters rollover, the spaces, page numbering. It’s important too to have a publisher communicate with the writer and viseversa. 🙂

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