Under The Wrong Impression

I always thought a basilisk was some sort of reptile, human thing. Never in a million years did I think I would expose myself to some very confusing legend to turn my brain to mush!

Basilisk and cockatrice.jpg

Basilisk | British Isles

“Winged, cockerel-headed reptile that murders with a single glance.”

Basic Facts:

  • A chicken’s head…a dragon’s set of wings…a long serpent’s tail…That’s what nightmares are made out of. Ew!
  • Although they sound gross and scary, the basilisk can actually be as tiny as 6 inches. That’s small. Mushu-small.
  • These little creatures can kill in five different ways: a gaze, its breathe, venom, its hissor simply touching it.
  • If you ever found yourself in trouble with a basilisk, there’s only one way to save yourself…and that’s with a mirror.
  • It’s more commonly known as a basilisk, but sometimes you’ll hear the name ‘cockatrice’…they’re the same thing!

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