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blog reading in bed.jpgThe only free time I get to transport myself to another world within the pages of a book is in bed. Reading the right bedtime book is sometimes hard to do. I enjoy lighthearted reads before bed, but some people enjoy a good thriller to fuel their nightmarish dreams. Some prefer to read an action-packed chapter to tire themselves out. Everyone deserves a bedtime read – and now we have a way to get that book in our hands before resting our eyes at night.

As of 2018, HarperCollins UK has teamed up with the Heart radio station and Dreams, a bed retailer, to begin what will be known as the Bedtime Book Club. With the radio station broadcasting to listeners, the hosts will discuss a variety of HarperCollins novels, different themes, and genres to encourage reading. But just because the station is only broadcasting in the UK, doesn’t mean you can’t find your own nighttime reads.

If having a Bedtime Book Club isn’t reason enough to read before bed, maybe I should tell you why it can be important to get your nose in a book while under the sheets. It’s simple – if you want better sleep, read. You read me right. Sleep better. It’ll help reduce stress by distracting your brain from the life stresses that can get the best of you. I’m guilty of blaring my TV to help me fall asleep but it’s actually a good idea to read rather than watch. It’ll reassure your brain that you are at peace. And if you’re also like me, scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (whatever social media platform you choose), reading can help you concentrate better. In the long run, reading before bed can improve two other things: your empathy and your creativity. In a good way!

Reading is a powerful tool, so why not start your own Bedtime Book Club and start curling up with a good book to help rest your eyes and your brain.

One thought on “The Bedtime Book Club

  1. Maggie Kirton January 12, 2018 / 3:47 pm

    I love, love, love reading in bed. I read eBooks on my back-lighted tablet so that hubby can fall asleep without the room being all lit up. It only takes minutes for my shoulders and neck to relax into the pillow – and, it doesn’t matter what the genre is: educational, fiction, etc. – it only matters that my eyes are moving across the screen and, voila!, the next thing I know is I’m making myself more comfortable; sinking lower beneath the sheets; and, ultimately not remembering what I just read because my eyes are closing on their own. I can’t count the times I’ve read myself to sleep! Yes, absolutely, reading in bed is like medicine for the soul, the mind, the tired, yet active brain that won’t stop thinking about this or that … Great topic Sarah! 🙂

    Tonight I’ll be starting on “Static Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel; it was a Christmas gift. Have you read it?

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