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Nothing beats coming home after a long day at work and curling up in bed or in your favorite reading chair with a good book and a good drink. Today, we are changing things up a bit and having a little fun pairing what your drink of choice should be with the genre of the book you are currently reading.  As a side note, please drink responsibly!

Science Fiction & Tequila. This combination is inspired by the infamous feeling of tequila. You know… that feeling of being attacked by a monster and completely forgetting the entire night and all its surrounding events with just a few sips. Sci-fi novels tend to have a hidden monster, whether they are aliens, robots, or humans of the future. Regardless, both will have you cowering in fear by the end of the night.

Fantasy & Absinthe. If you’ve heard of the notorious side effects of absinthe, you know where this is going. With a good fantasy novel comes mystical creatures, dragons, epic fight scenes with knights adorned in fancy metal suits and wielding dangerous swords, and sometimes a wizard with a long beard and pointy hat. Old-school absinthe (containing agents that make it a hallucinogen) can transport you to the magical world of the fantasy book you are reading. I can’t imagine you’ll get much reading done, though.

Romance & Water. This pairing is obvious. Romance novels are exhausting- from the erotica side of romance to the more contemporary and hopeful, but almost unattainable, romances. What better way to replenish yourself after a night of undying, fictional love than to stick to the best drink of all: water?

Mystery & Whiskey. When I envision someone drinking whiskey, I imagine them pondering over an event in their life or their own future. A classic mystery novel will bring out your inner detective, making you wonder who committed the crime, why they did it, and how the protagonist is going to stop the antagonist. So, why not pair the drink that makes you think with the genre that does the same thing?

Horror & Gin. In this pairing, gin makes you feel fun and feisty…and yet it is a very dangerous type of alcohol. A good horror story will make you feel the opposite of fun and feisty. The point of it is to instill fear within the protagonist and yourself, the reader. It only makes sense to make up for the fun and feisty feeling you’re missing out on while reading the book with your drink choice. Opposites do attract after all. Maybe you won’t end up giving yourself those week-long nightmares either.

Thriller & Moonshine. Oh, moonshine. If you don’t know what moonshine is, it is high proof alcohol. In less than a minute, moonshine can slap you with complete drunkenness. Guess what also slaps you in the face (or brain) with a surprise? A brilliant thriller novel.

Poetry & Lattes. Poetry is such a delicate genre. You’re always thinking about the meaning behind the simple verses. The beauty of poetry varies from person to person, but what better way to enjoy it than to sit down in a coffee shop, poetry collection in hand, with a highly-caffeinated latte in the other?

Comics/Graphic Novels & Soda. First, there is a huge difference between comics and graphic novels. A comic is broken down into issues and the story is about your favorite super hero or group of kids meddling around. Meanwhile, graphic novels are exactly like your typical novel, but told with art. There is a complex and deeper meaning to the tale the author is trying to tell, and most of the time it only takes a novel or two to get the story across to the reader. We decided a carbonated pop can pair well with your favorite superhero/villain combo or a more intricate graphic novel.

Drama & Rum. Drama novels make for wonderful beach reads. And most beach reads should be paired with a mixed rum drink. Originally a Caribbean-based alcohol, rum has found its way to many beach bars across the country. Sit back in your beach chair, dig your toes in the sand, keep yourself occupied with a rum and coke, and throw yourself into a good drama or novella.

Action/Adventure & Beer. Imagine this: Tom Cruise starring in another action movie about his adventures trying to save the world…that whole concept takes approximately 120 minutes to pan out. Whenever you sit back and relax with an action/adventure movie (or in this case, a novel or two), crack open a cold one and let all the action pan out before you.

Classics & Wine. What better way to bring this post to a close than to pair a good ol’ classic read with a glass of fine wine. Everything gets better with age! But with that being said, you don’t want to wait too long or else the wine will go bad. At least you’ll still have the book!

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