Goodbye Distraction, Hello Productivity

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is well… writing. Our lives revolve around tight schedules- work, exercising, errands, taking are of family, school, cooking, cleaning, etc. When we do finally find that one hour of down time sometimes we just like to relax and turn our brains off for a while. How does one ever find time to write without devoting their entire existence to it?

Finding time to write isn’t the only writer’s conundrum. Staying focused during that small window of writing time we have is proving harder and more challenging with each day. With the internet, we basically have the entire world at our fingertips. Click on an interesting news article, get lost in the absurd readers comments, click on an ad to your favorite clothing store and before you know it three hours of your life completely gone. Not to mention, quite possibly your only writing time you will find that week with your upcoming hectic schedule at work and with family.

That’s why I was really happy when I came across a list of nine distraction free word processing apps on Field Guide, for both your mobile phone and desktop computer. My first thought was, “There really is a God!” and my second thought, “My readers! Must share with my readers!”

So here I am…


Check out the list for yourself below. I included a very brief description of each app, some are free while other cost some money, but I would suggest looking into each one a bit. They all have some really unique things to offer and you need the find the right one for our needs and writing style. I also provided links to their websites as well. If anyone has experience with any of them, feel free to share with us all. Learning from each other is one of our greatest gifts.

  1. Typed (Mac) – $29.99

Allows you to cancel out distraction from the outside world while using the app. You can hone in on just one specific paragraph and listen to soothing soundtracks that block out other distractions that might pop up. The app has the benefit of basic word processing tools such as word counts and auto-save.

2. Write (Windows) – Free

A noise free and distraction free app that enables you to finish your novel without those outside distractions. The app is equipped with many tools to help you become a better writer,such as a productivity calculator, cloud sharing capabilities, auto-complete, and mark-ups.

3. OmmWriter (Windows, Mac, iOs) – $5.11+

Provides a very basic and completely distraction free writing zone. It doesn’t have too many frills to it but it certainly gets the job done. It also has many customizable features, which might make you feel more comfortable using it.

4. Writer (Chrome) – Free

If you want to write within your web browser, this is the app for you. It blocks out all distractions and provides basic word processing tools as well. There’s also a cool full screen mode that will assure you don’t give in to those outside distractions.

5. Hemingway Editor (Windows, Mac, Web) – Free-$9.99

Provides a basic word processing program that allows you to get straight to the point- writing. It also has the ability to critique your writing as well (yikes!).

6. iA Writer (Mac, iOS, Android) – $4.99-$19.99

Another very basic word processing app that encourages you to focus on your writing and nothing else. It also provides helpful writing stats as you go along at the bottom of the app.

7. Byword (Mac, iOS) – $5.99-$11.99

Has a very clean writing template that really lets you focus on the words you are typing and nothing else. It also has cloud syncing abilities and you can even publish your work directly from the app if you wish.

8. Calmly Writer (Chrome) – Free or .99 cents

A very relaxing and basic writing template that allows you to completely escape the world around you. The paid version has extra tools such as Fade Mode, Dark Mode, cloud syncing abilities, and is distraction free.

9. Ulysses (Mac, Ipad) – $19.99-$44.99

Is by far the most “advanced” writing app on the list, but it still holds true to its prime focus- being a distraction free writing space. It houses handy organizational and navigational tools that might just be perfect for a scattered and busy writer.

Write On.

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