Switch it Off.

The internet and social media can be great tools to leverage when writing a new novel. However, today we will talk about the benefits of shutting down your devices and stepping outside of the box when it comes to getting ideas/information for your next novel.

I often catch myself scrolling for hours on end reading comments and looking at different social posts to pass the time, but I realize that in some cases it is doing more bad than good – and not just for the stress on my eyes.

I encourage you to go outside and clear your mind with a daily walk. Listen to your favorite songs, podcasts or even find a new podcast for whatever you are searching for. Are you writing a new crime thriller? Find a crime related podcast channel, or do you need daily motivation or need to start your day with a meditation find a podcast for that as well!

There is so much good you can do for yourself by unplugging and focusing on yourself. And if you truly care about keeping your followers on your social media updated schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts for free with Facebook Creator Studio! That way you can still enjoy your time to yourself.

Now, I understand I am recommending you to unplug but you will need a device to play music and listen to a podcast. But there are ways in which you can hide notifications and even delete apps on your homepage without deleting their contents. iPhones also have the ability to ‘Focus’ where you can silence certain notifications.

So once again take certain times in the day or designate a day to yourself to unplug and see the benefits for yourself! You might find it helpful for your lifestyle and it will become a habit in your everyday life!