Creative Writing Tracks 101

You can read my advice and the articles I find all day long, but that doesn’t mean you are going to become a better writer because of it. You need to practice your skills, keep learning, and interact with other writers. Whenever I see a great development opportunity, I like to mention it here. You never know where you will find your next “A-HA” moment.


This time I came across two different writing “tracks” offered by Mediabistro. Full disclosure, they do cost money and they aren’t cheap ($999 to be exact). One focuses on novel writing, while the other one is for magazine writing. Each track consists of 3 different courses: 4 weeks of writing basics, 6 weeks where you choose a specialty you would like to focus on, and a 6 week workshop where you get expert advice/feedback. It seems like there is a ton of great advice packed into four months, so maybe that price tag is worth it (or maybe a whole new wardrobe is more worth it…). If you have never taken a writing class or had the opportunity to interact with a writing professional, this might be something to save up for. I have no idea what the class actually involves, who the “experts” are, or what people who have previously taken the class have to say about it. If you are seeking an intensive and structured writing course, this may just be for you. Mediabistro is a very reputable resource, so it’s definitely worth looking into. Learn on. Write on.