Get Feedback on your Writing! 

As a writer, receiving feedback on your work is a valuable experience. Feedback can help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your writing, and give you a sense of how your work is being received by others. It will also help you to grow as a writer and improve your craft. 

There are many different ways to receive feedback on your writing. One option is to join a writing group (we talked about yesterday!), where you can share your work with a group of peers and receive feedback in a supportive environment. You can also seek feedback from a writing coach or mentor, who can provide more personalized and in-depth feedback on your work. 

Another option is to submit your work to writing contests or submit it for publication (this can be scary and there are pros and cons), which can provide you with feedback from industry professionals. While this type of feedback may be more critical, it can be valuable in helping you to see your work from a different perspective and make it the best it can be. 

It is important to approach feedback with an open mind and to remember that it is meant to help you improve, not to discourage you. Not all feedback will be applicable to your writing or resonant with you, and it is up to you to decide which feedback to incorporate into your work. 

Receiving feedback on your writing is a valuable experience that helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses, grow as a writer, and improve your craft. Reach out your hand. So don’t be afraid to seek out feedback and be open to hearing what others have to say about your work, just ask a friend. It can be a crucial step in your writing journey. Write On!

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