A short: The Tickle Monster Returns!

One of our favorite posts on The Write Nook was a post about a mystical creature called the Tickle Monster, AKA Şüräle, so we thought it might be fun to revisit that post and do something we try to do often at the Write Nook, practice writing, below is a short story about the Tickle Monster!

As the small group of travelers made their way through the thicket of the forest in West Asia, they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. They had heard the stories of the Şüräle, the mythological creature that tickled its victims to death, and they couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Despite their fear, they pressed on, determined to reach their destination. But as they walked, they began to hear strange noises behind them. It sounded like someone was chuckling, but when they turned to look, they saw nothing.

The group picked up the pace, trying to outrun whatever was following them. But no matter how fast they went, the chuckling continued. Eventually, they stumbled upon a clearing in the forest and found themselves face to face with the Şüräle.

It was a terrifying sight. The creature had long fingers, a horn on its forehead, and a woolly body. Its eyes glowed bright and it was wearing its shoes backwards.

The group froze in fear, unsure of what to do. But before they could make a move, the Şüräle let out a mighty laugh and lunged at them, tickling them mercilessly. They fell to the ground, laughing and gasping for air, unable to escape the creature’s grasp.

Just when they thought all was lost, one of the travelers remembered the old myth about turning their clothes inside out and wearing their shoes backwards. They quickly did so, and to their surprise, the Şüräle stopped tickling them and stepped back.

With a sly grin, the creature transformed back into its human form and introduced itself. “I am the Şüräle,” it said. “And you are lucky to be alive.”

The travelers were shocked but relieved. They learned that the Şüräle was not always a creature to be feared, but rather a mischievous being that could be both friend and foe. They made a deal with the Şüräle, promising to spread the word about its existence in exchange for its protection of their livelihood and animal stock.

And so, the travelers went on their way, grateful to have survived their encounter with the mythical Şüräle. They would never forget the terrifying but ultimately lighthearted creature that had tickled them to the brink of death.

what a great way to start the week haha, write on!

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