Bursts! Do we need to write differently?

How readers consume the written word is constantly evolving. Self reflect for a moment on how you consume text- through what platforms or media? Not only has the process of consuming text changed, but also how we consume text. If you ever try watching a movie from the 90s or 80s you might say to yourself, jeeze these scenes move very slow. Today when we watch a movie it is new scene after new scene, new angle after new angle- all designed to keep our attention. The consumption of the written word is also morphing. The New York Times recently described these changes. In response to these changes the NYT is adding to their website and app tiles with text on them and you swipe left to continue the story. I will say it works. I use the Times daily and I always read the stories that are broken out this way. What does that mean for authors? I think it means that series of short stories might be more effective as we move on. We see novellas are constantly creeping up in sales. It might be time to rethink how the next great American novel should be written, maybe over the course of 3 to 4 books instead of 1 long book. We love content and love burning through it. Write on!!

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