Is AI Good for Content Creation?

From a marketing perspective, AI (artificial intelligence) is often driving the content you see. An article in Entrepreneur highlighted some value to market specific AI content creation. I am sure this is a game changer for the marketing industry, since the type of content they need to generate is quick and easily digestible. At what point are we going to see mass consumer acception of AI content creation in the publishing space and what would that even look like?

My thought is that eventually all content will be driven by the particular individual. Marketers will have enough data on any given individual from all the content that the individual utilizes (how this will be centralized… I am not smart enough to answer that) and then though AI or machine learning will create a book, an audio book, a cartoon, or a script in a matter of seconds that meets the individuals taste. But, what is the difference between all the content currently out there? What turns something into a box office smash hit or a best seller? Is that something AI can replicate? Or does it require human intervention? Or does it matter? If all content is specifically tailored, and all content is being consumed by that specific individual, does it matter whether there are best sellers or smash hits? I think so- if not for the social shared experience of a best seller then simply because people will always keep writing and creating. The thing the author is chasing may change. It may no longer be a human they are writing for, but, the writer will always keep chasing. In the end, we have nothing left to do but- keep writing!

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