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Expand your writing abilities. Take this prompt and run with it! Writing based off of a writing prompt can really get your creativity flowing. Write different outcomes and see where it can take you. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Writing!

Let us know what you come up with:)

One thought on “Daily Writing Prompt

  1. gpavants March 7, 2020 / 1:03 pm


    Hey, this came out in my birthday.

    I woke up early excited about the possibilities today could bring. Not everyone welcomes their birthday with the joy it should deserve. Maybe it’s something to do with numbers and get nervous feeling that aging in an ongoing process. Certain decades hold greater weight as one sees them approaching.

    I might be crazy to welcome 55, but I figure how many people never reach that half a century mark.(Plus getting Senior discounts are nothing to sneeze at) I am in decent shape and still have breath in my lungs, so I can be thankful for that.

    So, yes, maybe it’s the kid in me that hops out of bed, walk down the hall, and hear a birthday greeting or maybe a balloon or two. The anticipation gets my heart racing and my blood racing.

    But the house is dark and quiet.

    What the heck? There isn’t a wish, a card, or a single balloon dancing on a string. As I begin to brood my blood begins to change from joyful dancing bubbles to a roaring boil. How could my family forget my birthday. It wasn’t like I reminded them by subtly adding it to my wife’s calendar, or sending my daughter a nerdy gif reminding of the date. Yeah, real subtle.

    Ah, man. That’s it. I got so me, me, me. Mine, mine, mine, that my family is teaching me a lesson. I deserve this. I shouldn’t have been so wrapped up in my own presents. I decided what I needed was to take a walk to clear my head. Maybe a little humble pie would be healthier than a sugary sweet birthday cake.

    I reached for my walking coat and slipped it on. It made a funny noise when I began adjusting it. Hidden away on the inside of a jacket was a card with my name on it.

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