Revenge of the Scorpion Man

This creature was a feature in the Mummy series. Definitely something worth getting the chills over! 😱


Aqrabuamelu Former Mesopotamia

Warrior with a scorpion body and male torso.

  • These creatures (made both male and female but more known as male) were created to wage war against younger gods by an older goddess.
  • They were also known to stand guard to gates leading to other gods (the list of gods differ).
  • The Aqrabuamelu doesn’t have magical powers, at least not ones officially documented – only speculated. With purely physical abilities, they utilize their human body and scorpion body in their own ways.
  • Wonder if they were the size of scorpions? Nope! Supposedly, their heads touch the sky.
  • Along with their fearsome tail filled with poison, they’re actually skilled with a bow and arrow.

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