Age of Escapism

escape.gifWith the end of year in sight, we tend to highlight expected sales trends of the upcoming year. We’ve seen high sales in politically-driven pieces, success behind female leads, and diversity taking the reigns.

Say hello to our oldest and dearest friend, Escapism. Too dark? Fear not, we mean well with this. Listen here: escapism isn’t a new concept. It’s been around forever. Since entertainment conception came to fruition, to be exactly. It’s a drive for many to pick up books and escape to another world, where chaos can be mended.

To say the least, the consumption of books may rise when we think about what’s going on whenever we turn the news on. With this chaotic day and age, there may be an interest in any genre, really. As long as there is provided escape to a new world.

Help provide the escape for potential readers. Provide the bridge between their reality and your fictional world. Get to writing.

One thought on “Age of Escapism

  1. gpavants November 23, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    Hi HR,


    I do try. Being able to step away from the craziness with my sci-fi writing is my goal. Yet, send the characters and the audience back into the world a little more prepared. Keep helping people seeing their issues being worked out in fiction can do magic.



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