Will It Do Any Good?

Have you ever come across bookmarks, notebooks, or any other forms of physical memorabilia for a book? Have you ever wanted your own books to have this form of promotional material?

We usually like to encourage anyone to follow what they think is best for their books to gain exposure, but here we suggest you consider this option.

Handing our bookmarks at readings or signings will always get your fans excited for free merchandise. But if you’re an indie author with a large online audience and market for yourself (meaning you’re more an eBook-established author)…you have to consider what your audience would utilize.

For example, people love key chains. Especially decorative ones…or is that just me? Maybe getting a load of key chains printed with your book cover or favorite creatures from your book on the face…that’ll get people talking.

Unfortunately, not a lot of genres can venture down the road of promotional material because it just doesn’t fit. So, we’ll keep brainstorming how other genres can be promoted with physical gifts!thinking.gif

2 thoughts on “Will It Do Any Good?

  1. TA Sullivan October 1, 2018 / 7:50 am

    As an indie author, I do give away bookmarks, but I also have a few ‘larger’ prizes that I raffle off. These can include coffee mugs with images from one of my books or a quote from one of my books, posters with images from my fantasy books, and (yes) free paperbacks. The booksmarks have bookcover images on one side and my website url on the other.

  2. gpavants October 4, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    Hi HR,

    Great idea. This is something I am looking into. Taking notes. Realia, yes tangiable things to hook us into the book.

    Thank you,


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