The Water Fairy



“Exquisite female water nymphs with hypnotic voices.”

Basic Facts:

  • Unlike the ceasg from Scotland, the Xana can be found in fresh water, not seawater. Places like fountains, rivers, waterfalls, or forests with water banks. They also are not mermaid-like creatures. They have legs like me and you!
  • With her charm, no one could reject her. She always gets what she wants whenever she speaks.
  • A xana can also be a beneficial spirit/entity. She can sing songs of peace and love, gift people love water, gold, or silver to those worthy.
  • They can bear children but cannot raise them. Instead, they swap their offspring with human babies (sort of like changelings) and let them live on. They’re called “xaninos” or “xanin” (plural versus singular.)
  • If the name “xana” translated to anything, no one knows what it is. Some think it relates back to the goddess, Diana…but we don’t see the correlation.

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