Another Mermaid?!

As a lover of anything ocean-related, it was bound to happen when we would talk about a sea creature we are all familiar with. Let’s jump right in!


Ceasg | Scotland

“Mermaid that grants three wishes when captured.”

Basic Facts:

  • The ceasg is a fancy (if you’re not Scottish) word for ‘mermaid.’
  • In Gaelic, they’re known as maighdean mhara or maid of the sea.
  • She’s half-woman and half-salmon. But a little different than the long tail, we’re used to seeing.
  • She can get married but she’ll always go back to her first love: the sea. If she bears a male offspring, they’ll usually become a sailor – a damn good one.
  • Defense is needed. It’s simple: don’t acknowledge them, show them respect, no eye contact, and don’t go with them if they ask you to.

One thought on “Another Mermaid?!

  1. Erika L Hayes August 15, 2018 / 1:18 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this and the image is stunning. What beautiful art. Thanks for sharing these. I am a ocean addict, growing up in Hawaii made me fall in love with all things that live in the water!

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