Everybody Knows

One of my personal favorites from Greek Mythology that still resonates in many other cultures even to this day.



“Winged stallion that helps heroes conquer deadly foes.”

Basic Facts:

  • Pegasus has a brother! Being born by Medusa, Chrysaor is the brother of Pegasus. With the death of Medusa came two.
  • With its hooves, Pegasus created a spring for Hippocrene (also translated to “horse spring.”)
  • Speaking of translations, Pegasus loosely translates to “spring, well” and includes the origination of Pegasus (location-wise.)
  • A job for the flying horse? Zeus had Pegasus carry his thunderbolts.
  • The image of Pegasus has been used time and time again within logos or emblems.

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  1. Erika L Hayes August 8, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    SO love this, I am a Greek mythology nerd. 🙂

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