Horses Can Be Dangerous

On this fine Wednesday, we’re talking about a very strange legend from Scotland. This creature can transform into a variety of other creatures…but from my research, I couldn’t find what the creature appeared to be when not transforming into another creature…Help?


Kelpie Scotland

“Water horse that lures victims to ride on its back to their doom.”

Basic Facts:

  • The name “kelpie” is suspected to be a slang/mash-up of a couple of Scottish Gaelic words. “Cailpeach” or “colpach” are just a couple to name and these can be loosely translated to heifer or colt.
  • Since they’re most commonly known as a water horse, they typically can be found near a river or stream.
  • In their horse form, they attract children. But they’re not limited to only one form; they can turn into almost anything! An example is a beautiful woman, to lure a man out to the stream, where she snatches him up and takes him down the river!
  • These creatures wield magic. Mainly pertaining to the water to help them easily catch their prey.
  • What’s their weakness? Latching onto its bridle. Once you do that, you’ll have the power of a hundred kelpies. Eh, actually just one – but they’re darn powerful!

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