Hear Ye, Hear Ye


With writing, there comes plenty of responsibility to label royals and nobles in a proper manner in proximity to where the writing is taking place.

European hierarchy has a very particular line of way of naming their people in power. If you’re in need of official titles for some of your medieval characters, follow our list (based off of the British nobility):

  1. Emperor / Empress
  2. King / Queen
  3. Prince / Princess
  4. Duke / Duchess
  5. Marquess / Marchioness
  6. Earl (Count) / Countess
  7. Viscount / Viscountess
  8. Baron / Baroness
  9. Baronet / Baronetess
  10. Knight
  11. Esquire
  12. Gentleman

I recommend checking out this website to see other ways to say each level of nobility and definitions within other countries! It is really interesting to see how ranks vary between countries. Always educate!


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