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Wfin.jpgith every great story, comes a tragic end. Whether it ends in a light-hearted manner or if a sacrifice occurs, the curtain must close on the final act. If the reader sticks with you long enough to reach the end, then you better make it worth their while! There are one too many occasions where authors conclude their novels and readers feel unsatisfied.

Here are several things to keep in mind when wrapping up your story. These things will help you feel more secure in the way your story is being told and that you are setting the reader up for a satisfying ending- that they  will either thank you or hate you for later on.

  • Make your hero rise to their full potential. They can’t just sit around and not do anything about the issue at hand. Let them step up and take the lead.
  • Your main squeeze should have grown or overcame their internal issues. Prior to the finale, the character should have faced that demon one last time. That moment should show they overcame their problem in some way, shape, or form.
  • With this new and improved hero, now the reader can feel the triumphant end underway. It’s either going to be positive or negative (either crush the reader or fill their heart with happiness).
  • Don’t introduce new characters or subplots; things should have been foreshadowed prior to the finish of the novel.
  • Maximize action and conflict but keep the description to a minimum.
  • Create the “aw” sensation in your reader. This leads to the high emotional involvement of your reader.
  • Resolve the center conflict.
  • Show how your main character has redeemed themselves by doing the right thing.
  • Tie-up the loose ends, and tie-back some “final words” to the opening of your novel.
  • Don’t change the voice, tone, or attitude of your novel. Keep the consistency.
  • No twists or trick endings! Don’t make your reader hate you or your writing style!

Now, looking back at the writing you’ve already done, you can begin to mold the ideal ending for your book. Tie up the loose ends and close the curtains!

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