Remember Why You Write

Starting your writing career is hard. You are always kept wondering if you are ever going to be good enough, when that first big deal will come, and if writing will ever be something you will be able to do full time. But the truth is, writing is hard and it seldom gets easier. Every stage of your career has new and different challenges to overcome. Just when you think you are comfortable, another road block emerges. Successful author, Holly Robinson, talks about this phenomenon in a recent article on The Huffington Post book blog entitled, “Why It’s Harder To Write The Next Book Than Your Last– And How To Keep Writing Anyway.”


Robinson explains that with each book she writes it actually gets harder. She is always worrying about disappointing her fan base, her next advance, and what publicity she will be able to land. Despite all her success, she still worries if she is going to continue to make it in the publishing world.

We all can’t relate to Robinson’s challenges at this point in her career, but what we can relate to is why she keeps writing. Robinson makes a realization that I think all writers and authors need to make at some point in their career to be successful, “I write because writing is the thing I love to do.” We can’t succeed in a writing career without first realizing why we write. When you put your own work on the line for the whole world to either criticize or love, the reason you started this all in the first place needs to be ingrained into your soul. You started to write because you love it, because it keeps you sane, because you can take any figment of your imagination and turn it into reality. You started this journey for you and if anyone else happens to join you for the ride than you are one step further than you ever imagined you would be.


Robinson ends her article with a wonderful summation of how writers, new and experienced, need to remember always to write, “”Write your story for yourself alone; pour your heart out on the page.” Write on.

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  1. Alex West July 14, 2015 / 10:31 pm

    At the moment, I’m writing a story for my daughter. The nice thing about this is that even if I contemplate that I might do all this work and it never gets published, I know it will be something special for someone special to me.

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