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About HRM


Sarah Hershman, Manager

Sarah is the manager of Hershman Rights Management (HRM), a licensing literary agency created to work with authors and publishers to maximize the usage of their subsidiary rights. Prior to HRM, Sarah acquired audio rights for Tantor Media as a Senior Acquisitions Editor. During her time at Tantor, she selected hundreds of titles to turn into audiobooks. On a daily basis she read through submissions from literary agents, publishers, and self published authors to determine if their books or concepts would sell well. In order to do her job effectively, she needed to keep up with the current publishing trends, understand what readers are demanding at that moment, and what they will be demanding months/years down the road. Sarah founded HRM so she could share her knowledge with others.


Tania Yvette Rivera attended the University of Connecticut, where she majored in English Literature and Latino/a Studies. Since graduating, she has had the honor of interning with a literary agency, along with a publishing house.

Sophia Carasone, Marketing ASSOCIATE

Sophia graduated from Lasell University with a degree in Communication and Promotion. After her two internships she developed an interest in digital marketing and brand management. Specifically the ways in which we can connect to the consumer and deliver information.

At HRM, Sophia manages the website, social media pages and blog. She promotes books, authors and HRM uniquely on each platform and helps to insure an interest to all viewers.

This blog was created with the hope that it will help to bring your writing to life and to discuss all things related to publishing, reading, and writing. Write on.

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