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Synthetic voices anyone?

Technology is fast changing and what once was considered impossible is now possible when it comes to content and content creation. AI content creation is one of those things. It works and it is getting better and better every day (or week, or month…). The utilization of synthetic voices for the recording of audiobooks is also starting to become a possible option. Synthetic voices is something that I have tracked for a while now and they really are getting pretty close to being an acceptable “voice” or sound for audiobooks. In a recent article by WIRED they adressed synthetic voices in the audiobook space and the overall theme was that it is not time quite yet and there is some general resistance due to quality. I generally agree- I think most audiobook listeners pick up on the small nuisances voice actors have that is not yet mastered in the synthetic space. However, we need to all be prepared to adapt since the driving force will be and always will be dollars. I can see the practical and economic value in synthetic voices, but, also see the artistic challenges. Never say never…

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